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About Thinking of Nature

Explore the natural world through rhyming text and engaging illustrations. This book encourages readers to practice mindfulness and think of different elements of nature. From the smell of the rain, to the buzzing of bees, use all of your senses to discover the joys of outside!

Think of a forest...

Think of the ocean...

This beautiful earth can amaze and astound you.

Think of the wonders of nature around you!


About The Magic of Words

Discover what different words can mean to you as this beautifully illustrated rhyme guides you through the magic and wonder of words!

Think of the word... Happy

Think of the word... Strong

Words can be a source of inspiration, and this book encourages readers to create their own magic and find words just for them!


About the Author/Illustrator

Amy Mucci is an award-winning author and illustrator. She has over twelve years of experience working as a school psychologist and behavior specialist in the Rochester, NY area. Amy is a Type 1 diabetic and wanted to include in the illustrations a diabetic (with an insulin pump and all!) She enjoys spending her free time hiking, reading and adventuring with her husband and daughters (and three cats).

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About the Inspiration

Amy was inspired to write The Magic of Words while reading to her daughters. They would focus on a certain word, and talk about a memory or feeling associated with that word. This made her realize how magical words can be, and all the thoughts that are created from one single word! Amy continues to be inspired by her daughters and her students. She hopes that everyone can find words that feel magical to them, and to always know the power of hope and possibility. 

With Thinking of Nature, Amy wanted to continue the theme of curiosity and mindfulness. Some of her favorite memories are being outside with her family, and she wanted to encourage readers to make their own connections with nature. 

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