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Thinking of Nature

Inspire children to reflect on the beauty of the outdoors as they explore nature through this thought-provoking book!

Hardcover, paperback and eBook available.

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The Magic of Words

Teach children the power of their words and encourage creative thinking with this uplifting and beautiful story! 

Hardcover, paperback and eBook available.

Read Aloud with Duchess Sarah Ferguson 
The Magic of Words

Join Duchess Sarah Ferguson aka Fergie for a read aloud of The Magic of Words on her YouTube channel, Storytime with Fergie and Friends

Read Aloud with Miss B
The Magic of Words

Join Miss B for a read aloud of The Magic of Words on her YouTube channel, Books with Miss B


The Magic of Words receives 
five stars from Readers' Favorite!

Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

The Magic of Words is a picture book that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Author Amy Mucci has written a rhyming book that makes us stop and ponder: what do we think when we hear certain words. The book provides us with some positive images when we hear certain words but I’m sure they’ll have students and teachers thinking of more images. If you’ve had a bad day and things are not going right, this book provides reminders of better, more positive days. Teachers will love the discussion questions at the back of the book, which encourages readers to “Create your own magic. Find words just for you!” This book encourages children—and adults—to have positive thoughts and the freedom to experience and express emotions. When children are taught they are special, loved, and valued, they approach life with confidence.

Parents and teachers will love the values and positive affirmations on the pages of The Magic of Words. Author Amy Mucci has written a wonderful book full of definitions and positive words to remind us of things we can do every day without any skills. This delightful book of reminders should be on every shelf at home, school, and at the library. Children will enjoy the sounds of the rhyming words as they dance upon the page. Stylized artwork of wondering and imagining faces fill the pages. The use of color can also cause a change in emotion. On good days or bad days, this book may change your outlook with its use of color, clouds, thought-provoking images, and rhyming words.


What readers are saying...

"This book is absolutely stunning! I love how interactive the book is while also guiding the reader to truly think about each word and the magic behind our words." -Hillary

"This book is wonderful. It will definitely capture a child's attention and imagination with his rhythmic verses, it's colorful illustrations and the diversity of characters that it celebrates." -Amazon Customer

"What I loved most about this book is that it's more than just a story to read. The questions allow you to interact with your children beyond the words on the pages.

Beautifully written & beautifully illustrated." -Lynne

"Loved this book! It's unique and makes my child think about the various meanings of words. Beautiful wording and illustrations. Highly recommend!" -Salvatore

"This book is a great way to instill the power of positive thinking in a fun imaginative way. There is even a great discussion page at the end. I really enjoyed this book! -Marcy

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